Resolve to be an Informed Consumer

Resolve to be an Informed Consumer

As you jot down your list of resolutions for 2012, why not consider a few to help you become more empowered in the marketplace?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency, and other NCPW partner agencies and organizations, offer free resources on a variety of topics […]

Lottery, Prize and Sweepstake Scams – FTC

Congratulations, You’re A Winner! (OR NOT!)

The National Consumer Protection Week’s Blog via the FTC provided the following information on lottery, prize and sweepstake scams.

“Congratulations, you’re a winner!” Wouldn’t you love to hear that?

Last year, the Federal Trade Commission received more than 64,000 complaints from consumers about lottery, prize and sweepstake claims. Scammers […]

Holly Petraeus Discusses Consumer Scams – NCPW

The following article was originally published on the CFPB website.

Consumer Scams Written by Holly Petraeus

Since this is National Consumer Protection Week, it seems appropriate to give you a few tips about how to protect yourself from scams. Here are a few things that I’ve told to military audiences that I want you to […]

Info on Tax Relief Companies – As part of NCPW

Tax Relief Companies — More Pain Than Gain?

If you owe back taxes and you don’t know how you’ll pay, you may be looking for help. A company that promises to significantly reduce your tax bill may seem like the answer to your problems. Slow down. You could end up deeper in debt. According to […]

Building Better Consumer Protection – CFPB

The following post originally appeared on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website.

Building Better Consumer Protection

Written by Elizabeth Warren

Should the price of credit be clear up front? Here at the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, we think the answer is yes – and we think that’s a critical part of consumer protection. […]

10 FDIC Online Consumer Resources – National Consumer Protection Week

Consumers of all ages are increasingly turning to the Internet for help with managing their finances, but knowing where to go online for reliable, practical money tips can be challenging. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) compiled a list of “Top 10” FDIC online resources for consumers on subjects ranging from deposit insurance to shopping […]

March 6-12 is National Consumer Protection Week

March 6 -12 is National Consumer Protection Week

For the 13th year, government and non-profit entities have joined together to bring you timely information that will help you protect your privacy, manage your money, learn more about credit and debt, decipher advertising messages, and steer clear of fraud and scams.

Take advantage of the […]