Go Direct® Partner Update — 100 Days Out

Go Direct® Partner Update — 100 Days Out

There are only 100 days left until the March 1, 2013, deadline and we need your help! The Go Direct® campaign is urging partners to pull out all the stops in the final months to ensure all federal benefit check recipients switch to electronic payments before […]

GoDirect Check Insert Update Sent to all Benefit Recipients

GoDirect Check Insert Update

Last month, all federal benefit check recipients received an insert with their monthly check that emphasized the need to make the switch to electronic payments by March 1, 2013.

All Social Security check recipients received an insert with a message about Treasury representatives available to help.

Those who get […]

GoDirect.org 60 Second Public Service Announcement – Link to it!

Keep an eye out for the new Go Direct® public service announcement, which is being offered to television stations nationwide to use on air. This new campaign video features U.S. Treasury Customer Service Agents explaining the three simple steps federal benefit check recipients can take to switch to direct deposit or the Direct Express® Debit […]

Go Direct – May is Direct Deposit Month

May is Direct Deposit Month

Consider helping consumers learn about direct deposit for safety and convenience and to help them save.

Also, by March 1, 2013 — 297 days left — everyone getting federal benefits by paper check will need to switch to electronic payments. This will save taxpayers $1 billion. Below are questions and […]

Direct Deposit: Theft Protection for Federal Benefit Payments

Direct Deposit: Theft Protection for Federal Benefit Payments Help safeguard money from financial crimes by switching from paper checks to direct deposit today

Source: U.S. Department of the Treasury, Financial Management Service

Last year alone, more than 540,000 Social Security and Supplemental Security Income checks were reported lost or stolen. Despite the risks, too […]

It’s Crime Prevention Month – GoDirect

It’s Crime Prevention Month

The GoDirect Campaign provided the following information on how we can participate. It’s easy and the GoDirect Campaign provides the resources and tools.

October is Crime Prevention Month, the prime time of year to demonstrate your commitment to the financial safety of the people you serve. Throughout the month, urge […]

Direct Deposit: Theft Protection

Direct Deposit: Theft Protection for Federal Benefit Payments (or any payments!)

Receiving paper checks for federal benefit payments is risky. Criminals can steal checks out of mailboxes, leaving people who rely on that money for essentials – such as medicine, rent or groceries – in a difficult situation.

That’s one of the reasons why […]

Protect Your Money Video – U.S. Treasury Go Direct

Watch the video

Direct Deposit Helps Protect Your Money

When natural disasters strike, evacuations and mail disruptions can prevent people from receiving their federal benefit checks on time.

Make a special point to urge people you serve not to wait until the official March 1, 2013, deadline to switch from paper federal […]

Partnering with GoDirect!

GoDirect® is a campaign sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Treasury and Federal Reserve Banks.

Become a GoDirect® Partner!

Key messages for use in social media networks, newsletter, websites, etc.:

Important change: all federal benefits to be paid electronically. Learn more: www.GoDirect.org. Have you heard? Treasury Department soon will pay all federal benefits […]

Partner with Go Direct

Go Direct has helped more than 4 million Americans switch to direct deposit for their Social Security and other federal benefits – let’s keep the momentum going!

Go Direct provides your organization with everything you’ll need to encourage senior citizens, people with disabilities and others to sign up for direct deposit – including free materials […]