Keep Your Home California – Website Updates

Keep Your Home California Website Updates
  • Program updates
  • Eligibility Calculator
  • Updated Q&A
There have been several changes at Keep Your Home California in the past few months – and at times it can seem difficult to keep up with all the new information. As a result of all the changes, we have made various updates to our website, to ensure the latest information is available. Some of the webpages that have been updated recently include the following:

  • Programs – The summary guidelines have been updated for all of the programs in the past couple months, which are posted on each of the program webpages listed on the Programs webpage. Additionally, the new Reverse Mortgage Assistance Pilot Program is linked on this webpage.
  • Eligibility Calculator – To reflect the recent program changes, the Eligibility Calculator was updated and a new question was added to give homeowners a better understanding for which programs they may be candidates, before calling to apply.
  • Frequent Questions – There were numerous updates made to the “Frequently Asked Questions” webpage to describe the new program features as well as new qualification criteria.

In addition to the website, any time someone has a question about Keep Your Home California, they can reach one of our representatives at the toll free phone number 888-954-KEEP (5337).

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