Invest It Forward

Invest It Forward

SIFMA and the SIFMA Foundation invite you to Invest It Forward™. Invest It Forward is an industry-wide financial education and capital markets literacy campaign convening hundreds of financial firms that are committed to giving young Americans a solid understanding of the capital markets system and the invaluable tools to achieve their dreams.

Here’s How to Invest It Forward and Make a Difference!

Invest It Forward™ is designed to connect teachers and classrooms with financial industry professionals and firms. Want to be part of Invest It Forward? Get started today! It’s easy.

Orange Arrow If you are a financial industry professional or a financial services firm wanting to volunteer, and to discover specific ways you can bring your passion and expertise into classrooms and youth-serving nonprofits, learn more here.

Orange Arrow If you are a teacher or after-school provider wanting to bring the real world of finance and capital markets to your students, learn more here.

Here’s Why You Should Invest It Forward

Invest it Forward - Foundation - SMG Visit to NYSEInvest It Forward™ is designed to help young people understand how to harness the capital markets for their own benefit – whether starting a new business or saving and investing for a secure and prosperous financial future – and realize their dreams.  Complementing the SIFMA Foundation’s critically acclaimed national Stock Market Game™ program, which has reached 15 million students, volunteers from industry firms will personally offer exciting, multimedia in-school and afterschool lessons to help our nation’s youth better prepare for their own futures as financially capable and engaged citizens.


To help young people connect to the opportunities inherent in the capital markets through their understanding of how the markets spur economic growth and the prosperity of people across America.


To connect industry/ SIFMA member firms and their employees with classrooms and afterschool programs nationwide, arming them with brand-new interactive multimedia lessons for use in promoting capital markets literacy and financial capability.


To work with financial education leaders across the sectors to create online, interactive lessons for volunteers to present at four levels – elementary, middle, high school, college – on topics that enhance existing financial education materials.

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Contact Invest it Forward™

  • For further information on how your firm can Invest It Forward™
  • To join the Back-to-School Invest It Forward™ Campaign in September 2014
  • No time to volunteer?  Make your donation to youth financial education today.

CONTACT US at: We look forward to hearing from you.

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