The Mint: Summer is for Saving

Summer – that magical season where kids are home all day and parents have to find unique, fun ways to keep them entertained.

From The Mint

Below are a few ideas that combine quality time with opportunities to reinforce important lessons about money smarts.

1. Grocery Game Show

Turn your next shopping trip into a competition. Tell the kids what items are on your list and let them go nuts with the coupons (who knows what deals they might uncover). When you get to the store everyone can hunt for the best prices and if the total at the register comes in under budget it’s a win for the whole family. With the money left over from the grocery budget after your kids have found some amazing bargains; split the extra cash amongst their piggy banks so they can save for something they really want! The lesson of course being, if you’re prudent with certain things, then you will have more flexibility when it comes to the things you want.

2. Treasure Trail

Take a stroll around the block, on a trail, wherever you would like and you might be amazed at the financial gems you could stumble upon. Save up all the pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters you find and see how much you’ve accumulated by the end of the summer. You might be able to pay for a couple ice cream cones.

3. Challenge your Children to the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program

Through this program, children read any eight books and record them in the Reading Journal. Then bring completed Reading Journal to local Barnes & Noble Store and the kids can choose a FREE BOOK.


4. Play a New Board Game

Try playing new board games each week such as Monopoly Junior, Payday, Life, Allowance, Careers and Charge It. Each game allows children to think about saving money, investing money and making life decisions while having fun!

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