National Consumer Protection Week March 2-8, 2014 – Get Involved

Use these banners, buttons, sample documents, and other tools to promote National Consumer Protection Week.
Reach Out to Your Community

There are several great ways to share NCPW or your own event with your community

Be a gracious host

Host a forum, workshop or seminar in your community and share the tools people need for today’s economy. Partner with local organizations such as a police department or library.

Put it in writing

Customize the sample article and send it to local organizations so they can promte cosumer education events  through their publications.

Address the press

Contact your local television, radio or cable access station. Offer to tell their audience about your National Consumer Protection Week events.

Shout it from the rooftops!

Tell your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors about National Consumer Protection Week. Word of mouth is powerful!

Blog about it.

Add a comment about NCPW to blogs you regularly read. Keep your comment brief, and include the website,

Embed the Video

Use the video to promote NCPW on your website, social media page or at an event.

You can use the embed code from the player above (use the ‘get code’ button in the top right of the player) or embed it from YouTube.

Use Social Media

Use the video and these messages, or create your own, and share on social media sites

Share the video

Use this video to promote NCPW on your social media page.

You can share the NCPW video using the link from the player above or by using the YouTube link.

Approximately 232 characters

National Consumer Protection Week 2014 takes place March 2-8. Go to to find consumer tips and free materials from government and private organizations. Be an informed consumer; avoid scams and fraud!

Approximately 251 characters

[ORGANIZATION], with government and private organizations is promoting consumer education during National Consumer Protection Week, which takes place the first full week of March each year. Visit to read, watch, print or order free resources.

Approximately 110 characters

National Consumer Protection Week takes place the first full week of March each year. Visit for consumer protection tips and material.

Approximately 120 characters

(ORGANIZATION) is celebrating National Consumer Protection Week March 2-8, 2014. Visit to find out more and get involved!

Add Buttons and Banners

Add these banners and buttons to your website or blog and spread the word about NCPW 2014

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Promote Your Event

Use these materials to let your community know about your organization’s involvement in NCPW

Sample Press Release

Cut, paste, and modify this sample press release to help spread the news about your NCPW event.


Sample Newsletter Article

Copy or customize this sample article to promote your NCPW activities.


NCPW Flyer Template



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