Reset a Resolution for Safer Internet Day

Reset a resolution for Safer Internet Day

From the FTC
It’s been 42 days since New Year’s. Have you broken any resolutions? Safer Internet Day is the perfect day for a “replacement” resolution. If you promise yourself to be safe, secure, and responsible online, the tips at can help.

Watch a quick FTC video!

Want to keep your money safe from fraud? Promise yourself you’ll avoid scams online. 

Got tweens or teens in your life? The newly updated guide, Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online, can help you start a conversation about digital citizenship. If you’re community-minded, order copies to share at a library or school.

If you gave up your diet for good before the Super Bowl, maybe you don’t want to aim too high. Here’s a resolution anyone can keep: spend just three minutes watching an video about how to protect your information when you use public wi-fi. Then follow the advice the next time you think about logging on at a coffee shop or mall.

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