Countdown to America Saves Week


Countdown to
America Saves Week: 40 Days

Over 640 organizations have signed up to participate in America Saves Week 2014. (Including the California Department of Business Oversight, California Financial Literacy Month and Bank On California.

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Sample Activities for America Saves Week 

   Employers and General Population:

  • Explain the retirement plan you offer to employees and encourage people to join or review their contribution and asset allocation. Use these flyers to promote your event or workshop.
  • Encourage employees to Assess Their Savings Progress with this new interactive tool.

Financial Institutions:

  • Have tellers promote signing up for direct deposit and automatic transfers from checking to savings during the week. Incentivize this through a contest, promotion, or drawing.
Featured Download

Flyer and poster: Saving money is now as easy as pie

 Download them here

NEW-ASW-2014   NEW-ASW-2014

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