CAFLM Website Recognized by the 2013 SiOC Annual Awards: Excellence in State Government Communications

2013 SiOc GOLD Award

Josef Decena, Sacramento State University Intern; John Barrett, SiOC Board; Alana Golden, CAFLM Coordinator

SiOC Annual Awards: Excellence in State Government Communications


The State Information Officers Council (SiOC) holds an annual awards contest to highlight the “best of the best” in state public information. DFI was recognized for the new California Financial Literacy Month portal, The CAFLM portal received the “Gold Award”.  The portal was designed and developed by Alana Golden, PIO and a team of Sacramento State University Students, Josef Decena, Bill Grussenmeyer and Jaime Nguyen.

The California Financial Literacy Month Portal was developed to serve as a one-stop-shop and resource for organizations that participate in California Financial Literacy Month (CAFLM). CAFLM is a coordinated education and outreach campaign conducted every April.  As the coordinator for CAFLM, DFI requests a proclamation from the Governor, prepares a sample press release and PSAs, sample Twitter “Tweets”, etc. DFI also prepares logos and banners and other materials that serve as a tool kit for partnering organizations. 

DFI did not have a budget for this project. All research, design, and development were completed by DFI’s PIO and three part-time student assistants from Sacramento State University. The CAFLM Portal was developed in addition to normal assignments.

The target audience is anyone that participates in California Financial Literacy Month education and outreach efforts. Community partners include banks, credit unions, community/non-profit organizations, local, state and federal agencies, and teachers and schools.

There is plenty of content for the average consumer as well!

The new CAFLM portal provides a convenient, easy to use, one-stop location for financial education resources.

A large amount of Web content, including news articles, curriculum, outreach tools, featured programs and services and other resources were growing as the outreach campaign expanded over the years (since 2001).

The content was previously published as a folder on the DFI Website. Creating a special portal to make the information and resources easier to find with its own domain name and branding in a one-stop location has greatly benefitted financial literacy providers.

The CAFLM portal:

  • Is organized by topic
  • Allows for featured news on the Home page
  • Provides organized tabs to access specific resources
  • Includes a calendar and photo gallery
  • Features social media icons and links (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc.)
  • Can be translated using Google Translations
  • Has a Widget featuring CAFLM blog content
  • Highlights important and popular resources, including Free Annual Credit Report, DoNotCall Registry, and FICO score.

The State of California’s award-winning Website Template was used so that the CAFLM Portal had the same look and feel as the DFI Website and other State Websites.

During the previous year, DFI’s PIO produced the CAFLM blog, which was very well received by financial literacy organizations and had a million visitors, which demonstrated there was a desire and a need for more financial education information and resources. Note: DFI received an Honorable Mention by SIOC for the CAFLM blog.

All work was done in-house by the PIO and students.

2013 SiOC Awards

SiOC Website

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