Featured Financial Literacy Program: Oak Valley Community Bank – Bank On Stanislaus, Money Smart, EverFi

Featured Financial Literacy Program: Oak Valley Community Bank

Oak Valley Community Bank is pleased to play a proactive role in providing financial education in the communities we serve. The following are programs we currently have actively deployed in the area:


Bank On Stanislaus

The United Way of Stanislaus County approached us in the fall of 2011, and asked us to partner with them in meeting the financial education needs of the community by establishing Bank On Stanislaus County.

The goal: To reach out to unbanked individuals, provide them with financial education and bring them into the financial mainstream. Community organizations allow us to use their facilities, and we provide the instructors and teach the class. Our staff taught 11 classes through this partnership in 2012. A Certificate is given to participants who successfully complete the workshop. Participants provide the Certificate to the partnering financial institution to open anaccount created specifically for them, with many concessions ‐ including opening accounts for participants with negative ChexSystems histories.


Partnership With EverFi

In 2012 we partnered with EverFi to launch Oak Valley Community Bank’s University of Finance in the communities of Patterson, Ripon, and Oakdale. The program provides schools, teachers and students, a program at no cost that will better prepare students and build skill sets for making good financial decisions. The program allows students to use the latest technology, including rich media, high‐definition video, diagrams and avatars to interact and have fun with complex topics normally reserved for adults.

Money Smart

Money Smart for Young Adults

Each year for the past four years, our bank has provided aweek-long financial education program to 400+ students at Modesto’s Mark Twain Junior High School. In 2012, we also presented the Money Smart curriculum to more than 50 sixth-graders at Modesto’s Orville Wright Elementary School.

We partnered with the San Joaquin Office of Education in 2012, and provided financial training to approximately 40+ juniors and seniors at the San Joaquin County Education’s Business Leadership Academy for three days in October.

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Alana Golden, Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications, Census 2020

Alana Golden, Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications, Census 2020

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