Financial Literacy and College Persistence Conference

Menlo College Conference

Do graduation rates improve if students understand personal finance?

Financial Literacy and College Persistence Conference
Menlo College
January 18, 2013

This question and more will be explored when Menlo College welcomes you to its Silicon Valley campus on January 18, 2013 for an all-day conference. Leading educators and business professionals will discuss research, findings, and experience with financial literacy programs/curricula and college persistence. Speakers will explore possible linkage between these programs and college persistence through graduation, as well as the potential impact of improved financial literacy upon students, higher education, and society. If your non-profit organization or higher education institution is thinking of adding financial literacy to its offerings, this is an exceptional opportunity to network, view working program models, and hear about the latest research.

Featured Speakers:

  • Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann, President of Citibank California
  • Lewis Mandell, SUNY Buffalo Emeritus
  • Valerie Coleman Morris, Journalist/Author
  • Joyce Serido, University of Arizona
  • Vincent Tinto, Syracuse University

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