California Launches Innovative New Senior Protection Web Site

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California Launches Innovative New Senior Protection Web Site
A new consumer protection Web site was launched for California seniors, who have traditionally been prime targets for con artists.
The California Department of Insurance (CDI) is hosting the new Web site to educate seniors and their advocates and provide helpful information about how to avoid becoming victims of personal or financial abuse.

The Web site, called “Senior Gateway,” is important because seniors, including older veterans, are disproportionately at risk of being preyed upon financially and subjected to neglect and abuse.

The Senior Gateway is sponsored by the Elder Financial Abuse Interagency Roundtable (E-FAIR), convened by CDI and includes representatives from many California agencies who share a common purpose of safeguarding the welfare of California’s seniors.

The site offers seniors valuable tips and resources in the following areas, and more:

  • Avoiding and reporting abuse and neglect by in-home caregivers or in facilities; learn about different types of abuse and the warning signs;
  • Preventing and reporting financial fraud, abuse and scams targeting seniors;
  • Understanding health care, insurance, Medicare and long-term care; know what long-term care includes;
  • Locating services and programs available to assist older adults;
  • Knowing your rights before buying insurance; what seniors need to know about annuities;
  • Investing wisely and understanding the ins and outs of reverse mortgages

CDI’s partners in creating the Senior Gateway, include the Attorney General’s Office/Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse, California Commission on Aging, Department of Aging, Department of Consumer Affairs, Department of Corporations, Department of Financial Institutions, Department of Health Care Services, Department of Managed Health Care and the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, with support from district attorneys in the following  counties: Fresno, Los Angeles, Monterey, Sacramento and San Mateo.

The Senior Gateway Web site includes information about governmental and nonprofit agency resources.

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