GoDirect Check Insert Update Sent to all Benefit Recipients

GoDirect Check Insert Update

Last month, all federal benefit check recipients received an insert with their monthly check that emphasized the need to make the switch to electronic payments by March 1, 2013.

All Social Security check recipients received an insert with a message about Treasury representatives available to help.

Those who get Supplemental Security Income, Veterans Compensation and Pension or other federal benefit payments received a straightforward message about the law requiring them to make the switch to an electronic payment.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make the switch to direct deposit or the Direct Express® Debit MasterCard® card are included on the back of the insert.

When you talk with the people you serve, ask them if they received one of these inserts and urge them to switch to electronic payments ahead of the deadline.

If your client wants to get their federal benefit payments paid by direct deposit to their checking or savings account, they’ll need their:

  • Social Security number or claim number
  • 12-digit federal benefit check number
  • Amount of most recent federal benefit check
  • Financial institution’s routing transit number*
  • Account number* and type – checking or savings

personal checkTreasury check*This information is often on personal checks.

If they want to get benefit payments through the Direct Express® card, they’ll need their:

  • 12-digit federal benefit check number
  • Amount of most recent federal benefit check

Online, visit https://www.godirect.gov/gpw/SecurityNotification.gd to sign up for Direct Deposit.


Call toll-free (800) 333-1795, visit a bank or credit union, or contact the local office of the agency providing your federal benefits.

They can also enroll by mail by printing, completing, and mailing the necessary forms.

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