“FoolProof California” Expands Its Financial Education Program by Partnering with Credit Unions

“FoolProof California” Expands Its Financial Education Program by Partnering with Credit Unions

The consumer advocacy initiative founded and run by seven young people from three countries has expanded its reach in California.  FoolProof added $1.9 billion Mission Federal Credit Union in San Diego and $700 million Pacific Marine Credit Union in Oceanside as statewide sponsors of its consumer education and advocacy projects. $2.9 billion-dollar Lockheed Credit Union in Los Angeles was the first California credit union to join FoolProof.

“Partnering with FoolProof will help us meet the vital need for financial education in our community,” said Neville Billimoria, SVP Marketing/Membership and Chief Advocacy Officer, Mission Federal Credit Union. “FoolProof is a key tool in delivering specific advocacy campaigns to specific audiences, from high schools students, to our military members, regardless of their current affiliation with Pacific Marine Credit Union,” added David Davis, President of Pacific Marine.

FoolProof in Classroom“We’re really excited by Mission and Pacific Marine’s belief in our work,” said Will deHoo, 32-year-0ld founder of FoolProof. “These two credit unions, working with Lockheed and California’s financial literacy efforts, now give FoolProof the ability to offer all of their free programs, including the free high school curriculum, to more communities.”

FoolProof provides tough consumer advocacy advice and financial literacy training for young people and adults alike.  FoolProof’s programs are the only  financial literacy programs in the country endorsed by both the Consumer Federation of America and the National Association of Consumer  Advocates.

One Million Page Views: FoolProof’s high school curriculum is making an impact nationwide. “We regularly have one million pages views each month, just for our high school curriculum program”, deHoo said.  “In Oklahoma alone, we have over 14,000 students working through our program right now—and we want to duplicate that type of usage in California,” deHoo concluded.

A turnkey curriculum for teachers and for students:  FoolProof’s tough advocacy stance isn’t the only thing that makes FoolProof’s curriculum unique and respected—and popular.  “Teachers are overworked and overstressed as never before.  Our curriculum was designed to help alleviate those problems,  “Nick Buettner told us. Buettner is FoolProof’s Sr. VP and Chief Operating Officer.  “Our curriculum registers students, allows teachers to monitor one student or the whole class from any computer, and even grades tests. It also engages the students.  We use about a hundred interactive videos, which all young people love, and also feature only peer-to-peer teaching:  all our on-camera talent are young, and talk about real life situations,”  Buettner concluded.

Teachers receive free, instant access:  Teachers can sample FoolProof instantly, and can actually be using the curriculum within days of signing up.  “We think California teachers deserve more help right now, CEO/President deHoo added, “and we hope to help thousands of California teachers to use our curriculum this fall.”

FoolProof in the classroom

Learn more about FoolProof, their partnership with credit unions in California and FoolProof’s free curriculum at www.foolproofcalifornia.com.

You can review FoolProof media coverage here: http://www.aboutfoolproof.com/publicity.php. FoolProof was recently featured in the National Jump$tart Coalition newsletter.

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