Kid Budget – Featured Financial Literacy Program to Highlight California Financial Literacy Month – April 2012

Featured Financial Literacy Program to Highlight California Financial Literacy Month – April 2012

The CAFLM Blog will feature financial literacy programs in March and April to highlight California Financial Literacy Month, April 2012. To feature your financial literacy program, see the CAFLM Blog post dated January 31, 2012.

Today we are highlighting…

Kid Budget logo

Title: Kidbudget

Author/s: Kim Daley

Publication Year/s: 2011-12

Price: $0 to $30 depending on venue (visit Web site for details)

Format: (print, PDF, digital, etc.) : print and tools

Age/Grade Level: 6 – 12 years

Audience: Students, parents, teachers

Kid  Budget

Kidbudget Money System

Kidbudget is the result of a digital media design mom and an MBA dad who needed a fun, interactive method for teaching their children critical money skills.

How does it work

A child starts in the workbook. This is a specifically designed for this age group. It will make their learning of the money concepts fun and exciting. They start by learning a lot about money itself. Where it comes from, how it’s been used, etc.

The child can proceed at their own pace. Each section will have activities they will need to perform that are designed to help them learn the concepts.

Kid Budget Vault

The pouches, vault, and reminderband are incorporated in the system. They will learn how to use them as they complete the workbook. Essentially they are learning an updated, kid-friendly “envelope” system. This envelope system ultimately has them do the following:

– Set money goals

– Put those goals on their pouches in some form (writing or pictures)

– Use trackers to document money coming in and going out (KidBudget is a strong advocate of keeping records)

– Earn money (the workbook helps them with that – as well as our online resources)

– Put their money in to each pouch (envelope) according to an already determined method

– Manage their money according to predetermined rules (from the workbook and Mom and Dad)

– Spend their money

– Repeat


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