Hands on Banking® – Featured Financial Literacy Program to Highlight California Financial Literacy Month – April 2012

Featured Financial Literacy Program to Highlight California Financial Literacy Month – April 2012

The CAFLM Blog will feature financial literacy programs in March and April to highlight California Financial Literacy Month, April 2012. To feature your financial literacy program, see the CAFLM Blog post dated January 31, 2012.

Today we are highlighting…


Hands on Banking®

Want to take charge of your own finances and reach your goals? Just pick your age group and get started! Whether you want to build your credit, your investments, or your own small business; invest in the market, a home, or higher education; shop for a loan, buy a car, or open your first bank accounts, the Hands on Banking program offers all the basic money tools, skills, and information you need.


Coming Soon

Kids: Zing, the main character from the Kids curriculum, is the most well-known and beloved character of the Hands on Banking program. This year, Zing will be joined by a new sidekick, Zoey. Together, Zing and Zoey will expand on key financial education concepts, providing a dynamic and fun environment in which children can learn about money management and related topics.

Teens: New avatars, Angie and Alex, will allow teens to choose their own destination on the map to financial success. In addition to the technology enhancements, easier navigation and clear controls allow the user to self-direct their path based on their particular areas of interest. The interface makes the program easier for educators to customize for the classroom experience as well.

Instructional Resources

Want to share the Hands on Banking program with a group? It’s simple! The free, downloadable Instructor Guides provide everything you’ll need to guide participants through real-life scenarios, group discussions, and valuable activities.

The lessons for school-aged children are aligned with national and state educational standards for economics, financial literacy, mathematics, and English language arts, making it easy to integrate the Hands on Banking program into the classroom.

Access the Instructional Resources


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