Money Smart – Featured Financial Literacy Program to Highlight California Financial Literacy Month – April 2012

The CAFLM Blog will feature a financial literacy program every day in March (and possibly extending into April) to highlight California Financial Literacy Month, April 2012. To feature your financial literacy program, see the CAFLM Blog post dated January 31, 2012.

Today we are highlighting…


Money Smart for Adults and Money Smart for Young Adults Curriculum

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Publication Year 2012

Cost: FREE

Available in CD-ROM, DVD, MP3, Print

Adult and Young Adult

Educators, Students, Youth, Parents, Banks, Credit Unions, Community Organizations, Faith-Based Organizations, etc.)

FDIC is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the Money Smart financial education program. Money Smart is a free financial education curriculum for adults and young adults designed to help individuals better handle their money and finances, and create positive banking relationships. Money Smart for Adults is now available in nine languages, including two recently released versions in Hindi and French Creole. In addition, the curriculum is available in Braille and large print for the visually impaired. All nine languages include the new Financial Recovery module, which provides an overview of how to develop a plan to recover from a financial setback. The Money Smart Computer-Based Instruction (CBI) is a friendly and easy to use learning tool that teaches the 11 modules of the Money Smart curriculum through a computer.

The CBI can complement formal classes or enable people to study independently at their own pace. The CBI is for users age 13 and over. Money Smart for Young Adults is a comprehensive financial education curriculum to teach ages 12-20 the basics of handling their money and finances. The curriculum consists of eight instructor-led modules. Each module includes a fully scripted instructor guide, participant guide, and overhead slides. The materials also include an optional computer-based scenario that allows students to complete realistic exercises based on each module. The curriculum is aligned with state educational standards, and there are no copyright restrictions allowing the materials to be easily reproduced.

Additionally, FDIC’s train-the-trainer videos for instructors interested in teaching the Money Smart for Adults curriculum have been updated and enhanced to align with recent revisions to the program. The videos are available in English and Spanish. In addition, the FDIC has released the first train-the-trainer video for instructors teaching the Money Smart for Young Adults curriculum. All the videos help instructors learn how to use the instructor guide, become familiar with the student materials, and employ effective strategies for teaching the curriculum. The videos also are excellent supplements to the Guide to Presenting the Curriculum, which is on every instructor-led CD. The videos can be viewed at:

Moreover, FDIC is taking Money Smart in a new direction by partnering with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to develop a financial education resource for the growing number of entrepreneurs who are starting or otherwise operating their own small businesses. The new curriculum is scheduled to be released sometime in 2012.

Please visit FDIC’s website where you can learn more about the Money Smart curriculum, find the latest product information, sign up to receive the Money Smart News and to order Money Smart products through our Online Product Catalog.


Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Division of Depositor and Consumer Protection
Outreach and Program Development Section
3501 Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA  22201-2305

Web sites:


Order Form:

All Money Smart products may be ordered online through the FDIC Online Product Catalog.

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