Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Begins Taking Whistleblower Tips

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)) has announced that whistleblowers can alert the CFPB to potential violations of federal consumer financial laws in multiple ways. “We are providing whistleblowers and other knowledgeable sources with a direct line of communication to the CFPB,” said Rich Cordray, Assistant Director of Enforcement for the CFPB. “Their tips will help inform Bureau strategy, investigations, and enforcement. And they will help us fulfill our commitment to consumers.” The channels to contact the CFPB include an email address ( and a toll free phone number (855.695.7974). In early 2012, the CFPB plans to establish an online portal on its website. Whistleblower information and law enforcement tips are distinct from consumer complaints.

Read more on the CFPB Web site.

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