Cyber Security Awareness Month

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October was Cyber Security Awareness month.

The California Officer of Privacy Protection (COPP) is highlighting how far Californians have come in protecting their “cyber” privacy.

See if you agree with these online safety basics:

  • I have up-to-date security software in my computer that protects it against hackers and worse.
  • I know that using my pet or child’s name as the only password for all my accounts puts me at risk for identity theft. I use multiple passwords which are all cRaz3E!
  • I buy only on secure Web pages with “https” in the address bar and a padlock symbol at the bottom of the browser window.
  • My smartphone is a computer, track-able and hack-able. I have security software installed on it.
  • I treat my Social Security number like a fistful of cash. I avoid typing it anywhere online.
  • “Security” means freedom from fear, and if you agreed with our statements, you have much less to fear.

COPP also advices us to continue to brush-up on privacy protection expertise with their Consumer Information Sheets (available in English, Spanish and Chinese), and by liking their Facebook page (we did!) – then tell your friends. After all, “cyber” is Greek for “skilled in steering.”

Together we can steer our fellow Californians to strong online privacy in not just October, but all-day, every day.

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