Comment on the CFPB’s Financial Aid Shopping Sheet

The CFPB has prepared a financial aid shopping sheet, a “thought starter” as they describe it – an example (not a proposal) of how schools might improve the information they present to prospective students and their families. They want to know what we think about it.

See the CFPB’s shopping sheet (Adobe PDF)

Now ask yourself:

What do you like about it?

What don’t you like?

And think about these questions:

• Which information is absolutely critical?
• What other information would be helpful?
• Can you tell from this sample format which aid requires repayment?
• What will that repayment cost? For one year of school? For four years?
• If there was a web-based interactive version, what functionalities would you like to see?

To comment, visit the CFPB Web site’s Know Before You Owe.

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