NID and DRE Partner for High School Financial Literacy Program


The NID Housing Counseling Agency, California Department of Real Estate and Sacramento Charter High School in partnership launched their new Financial Literacy High School course this week at Sacramento Charter High School.

The Financial Literacy course, created and developed by the California Department of Real Estate, will educate students at the Junior and Senior levels. The class will be offered every fall of each school year. Students that successfully complete the course will earn 5 units of credit and a certificate of completion from the California Department of Real Estate.

The focus of this new course will be on the fundamentals of finance, saving and investing, credit card debt, loans, renting and lease agreements, buying, borrowing, budgeting and other important areas of finance.

NID-HCA has committed the necessary funding that will allow delivery of the course for 3 years while building a sustainable program less dependent on scarce public resources. A HUD approved housing counseling agency since 1995, NID-HCA operates in 22 states and 75 housing markets across the country, providing in-person housing and mortgage counseling, housing clinics, educational homeownership workshops, financial literacy, credit and budgeting classes and regional Help Lines.

To learn more about the partnership, please visit

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