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10 great financial resources (government resources are highlighted with an asterisk *)…

Money Sites to Bookmark Now

Remember the good old days, when you had to order brochures through snail mail to get answers to questions like: What student loans are available? Is there free credit counseling out there? Am I eligible for a tax break because of school? Lucky us, the good old days are over: there are thousands of sites out there with incredible (and free) financial resources. Here are 10 no-fail links everybody should know about:

1. The National Federation for Credit Counseling: Get credit counseling, search member agencies, and more.
2.* Internal Revenue Service (IRS): Access tax forms, e-file, and search credits that could save you big.
3. My Fico: Order your FICO score and credit reports, plus get smart tips for boosting your score.
4.* Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA): Find out about student aid options and apply for them here.
5. FinAid: Get the lowdown on loans, scholarships, savings and military aid for students.
6. CreditCards.com: Compare credit card options to find the best credit card for you.
7. Practical Money Skills: Grab budgeting tools, financial calculators, tips, podcasts, tutorial videos and more.
8.* MyMoney.gov: Check out the US government’s website about managing your money well.
9. Annual Credit Report: Order your free annual credit report from all three agencies here.
10. What’s My Score: Your key to all things credit.

Knowing about these sites—and using them—should help you keep on top of your financial game.

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