Show benefits program for foster youths

Great program!

What: United Way’s Women in Philanthropy 10th anniversary
When: 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Oct. 13
Where: In the Downtown Plaza at the Macy’s Women’s Store Courtyard
How much: Tickets are $100; contact Kaila Ricci at

Women in Philanthropy members will be joined by foster youths modeling fashions. The gourmet lunchtime event also will feature an anniversary video of speakers and foster youths from past events. Members will discuss their new work supporting financial literacy courses and a matched savings program for foster youths.

Women in Philanthropy brings women together to foster the future, preparing foster youths for a successful adulthood. Members raise funds, hold drives and provide training focused on helping foster youths rise to their dreams. The group also is a partner in United Way’s $en$e-Ability project, helping foster youths become financially self- sufficient through financial literacy courses and individual development accounts that provide a matched savings program. Visit www. wip for particulars.

Another project is the establishment of saving accounts for the fosters, along with financial literacy programs. Saving account funds come from various programs.

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