Another Great Edition! Summer 2011 FDIC Consumer News

FDIC Consumer News Summer 2011 cover

The Summer 2011 edition of FDIC Consumer News is now available. Excellent information on preparing for disasters, including how banks are required to prepare for disasters. Also inside is information on locating old and unused bank accounts, which is interesting and informative as well.

Protecting Your Finances If a Disaster Strikes: Are You Prepared?

  • Banks Are Required to Prepare For Disasters
  • Disaster Preparedness: Sources of Help
  • Disaster Recovery and Your Money: A Basic To-Do List
  • Beware of Disaster-Related Financial Scams

Also Inside

  • Person-to-Person Payments by Smartphone and Mobile Computer Add Convenience and Pose Risks
  • Lost and Found or Safe and Sound: How to Solve Mysteries of Old Bank Accounts
  • New Standards, Disclosures for Mortgage Professionals Can Help Consumers Find a Loan Originator

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