Informational Hearing and Community Financial Fair: Strategies to Help Working Families Thrive During Tough Economic Times

Strategies to Help Working Families Thrive During Tough Economic Times
Informational Hearing and Community Financial Fair

Thursday, August 18, 2011 – 3:00pm – 7:00pm
City Hall
7100 S. Garfield Avenue
Bell Gardens, CA

Americans are facing major financial challenges at a time when all levels of government are dealing with record budget gaps and cutting back on a multitude of public services. For vulnerable families, financial hardship is magnified with jobs being less secure and family incomes increasingly volatile. In fact, an estimated thirty percent of Californians lack enough savings to get by for three months in the event of a job loss or costly medical emergency. Millions more are unbanked, meaning they lack a basic checking or savings account. Without one it’s difficult to save, expensive to cash paychecks and pay bills, and challenging to keep money safe.

The need to advance innovative financial empowerment policies is clear, and by coming together and sharing proven strategies, we can help hardworking Californians get back on solid financial footing. To achieve this goal we must first identify barriers and facilitate opportunities including implementing public policies that promote and support asset building throughout California.

Join the California Legislative Select Committee on Financial Empowerment and the New America Foundation for this timely discussion. The informational hearing will be followed by a community financial fair.

For additional information, visit the New America Foundation Web site.

To RSVP or for questions, contact Luis Sanchez at or (916) 319-2050.

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