CFED Assets and Opportunity Initiative

A New Direction for the Assets & Opportunity Initiative: Creating a National Network

Since 2002, CFED has helped foster the emergence of state and local asset coalitions and their policy advocacy efforts. Primarily anchored by the Assets & Opportunity Scorecard, CFED has partnered with an expanding group of—primarily state-level—asset policy advocates and coalitions to increase awareness of asset-building strategies and advance a broad range of asset-building and asset-protection policies.

With input from a broad range of stakeholders through listening sessions, discussions and work groups—and with the ongoing advice of an Interim Network Steering Committee—CFED announced the establishment of a new national Assets & Opportunity Network.

Click here to download the request for letters.

The Assets & Opportunity Network is a movement-oriented group of advocates, practitioners, policymakers, and others nationwide working to expand the reach and deepen the impact of asset-based strategies. Network members are on the frontlines of state and local policy advocacy, coalition-building and service delivery. The purpose of this Network is to serve as both a learning community and advocacy community—to both enhance member capacity to advocate and deliver asset services, and to foster growth of assets movement leading to opportunities at scale. The Network is a hub of action for local, state and federal policy advocacy as well as program implementation.

Network membership will have two tiers—General members and Lead State and Lead Local Organizations—and will be guided by a permanent Network Steering Committee. The first step toward building-out the Network is selection of Lead State and Local Organizations. (General Membership will be available starting January 2012.)

CFED is soliciting letters of interest from organizations interested in serving as Lead State and Lead Local Organizations. Interested organizations should submit letters of interest to by August 5, 2011.

For more information about CFED, visit their website.

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