DBO Student Loan Consumer Advisory

To protect themselves from unaffordable repayment plans and damage to their credit score, it’s important for student loan borrowers to be familiar with all of the repayment options available to them. When they are approved for a student loan, borrowers… Continue Reading

CFPB Report on Student Loan Debt Highlights Challenges for Older Consumers

In May 2015, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau launched an inquiry into student loan servicing practices. In light of the increasing number of older Americans paying back student loan debt, they asked to hear about how it’s affecting older consumers.… Continue Reading


CFPB Explainer: Scoring Student Loan Servicers

CFPB Explainer: Scoring Student Loan Servicers The following was originally posted on the CFPB Website, see http://www.consumerfinance.gov/blog/scoring-student-loan-servicers/ This fall, college graduates across the country will start to send payments on their student loans to their servicers. Loan servicers are companies… Continue Reading