Teach Children to Save – Classroom Presentations

Teach Children to Save – Classroom Presentations

IMG_4480Alana Golden, DBO

Teach Children to Save (TCTS) is a national program–sponsored by the ABA Community Engagement Foundation–that organizes banker volunteers to help young people develop a savings habit early in life.

​​On Thursday, April 30, as part of  National Teach Children to Save, Alana Golden, Director of Education and Outreach visited second grade classrooms in Sacramento to discuss earning, saving, spending and sharing and distinguishing between needs and wants. The presentation included a book reading, Sammy’s Big Dream, by The It’s a Habit Co, Inc., that encourages kids and their families to “Get in the Habit” of saving money.

The 19th annual Teach Children to Save Day involved more than 14,000 bankers visiting classrooms and hosting financial education events across the country. Eighteen members of Congress also joined with participating bankers to co-host events.​Thank you to everyone for making Teach Children to Save Day 2015 a great success!

IMG_4486Alan Golden reading “Will Sammy Ride the World’s First Space Coaster” by The It’s a Habit Co, Inc.,

IMG_4493 Poster Activity






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