Welcome to NCPW 2014

Welcome to NCPW 2014

Message from the FTC
Sunday marked the 16th annual National Consumer Protection Week.
The Federal Trade Commission stands with 74 federal, state and local agencies and organizations to stand up for consumers by highlighting the very best in consumer education resources.

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The NCPW site offers practical and timely information to help you recognize and report scams; manage debt; use technology wisely; evaluate products and services; fight identity theft; and see the truth behind advertising claims.

NCPW partners are committed to empowering people. Consumer confidence drives our economy. But, fraud, deception and privacy breaches can shake that confidence. So, please read, use and share the information housed there that make NCPW such a terrific resource. Order free resources, subscribe to updates from partner organizations, and get tools to plan your own event any time of the year.

Together, let’s make every week a good week for consumers and for consumer education.

Thanks in large part to the tireless work of the agencies and organizations involved in this effort, consumers are becoming more aware of and empowered against dishonest business practices that threaten their buying power and overall financial health.

We have taken up this charge to fight scams and violations of consumer protection rights by investigating consumer complaints, taking legal action in many cases, and creating consumer education resources to inform consumers of their rights and risks.

So, I can’t stress enough the importance of reporting dishonest business practices and other violations of your consumer rights.

Alana Golden, Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications, Census 2020

Alana Golden, Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications, Census 2020

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