Information for Military Familes from

Information for Military Familes from FINRA
Give Your Savings a Boost by Paying Yourself First!
Saving for the future is key to achieving financial stability and long-term financial goals. Yet, in a survey of military service members by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, more than one-third of the respondents reported having trouble putting money aside for future needs.

One way to save more is to put your savings on auto-pilot. Simply pay yourself first, right from your paycheck—it’s easy. Just set up an allotment or electronic fund transfer directly from your pay into savings. Think of it as another “must pay” bill that comes due each month—much like your rent or car payment. You won’t miss it if you never see it!

Check out these other tips for making ends meet.

2014 Military Saves Week is February 24–March 1
The FINRA Investor Education Foundation and the Consumer Federation of America are once again joining military leaders, installation banks, defense credit unions and financial counselors to encourage military families to save money every month. When you take The Saver Pledge with Military Saves, FINRA Foundation makes available our ad-free version of the FICO® credit score and analysis tool free of charge to current service members and their families. Watch for the Military Saves activities beginning next month at your base or post.

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