2013 San Joaquin Valley Affordable Housing Summit:


2013 San Joaquin Valley Affordable Housing Summit:
Building Resilient Communities in the Evolving Regional Landscape

We invite you to attend the 2nd Annual San Joaquin Valley Affordable Housing Summit:

“Building Resilient Communities in the Evolving Regional Landscape

September 25, 2013
9am – 4pm (doors opens   at 8:00 am)
Holiday Inn Hotel and Convention Center
1055 Van Ness | Fresno, CA

Registration Fee:   $35.00

Who should attend? Local governments, advocates, lenders, real estate professionals, community development experts,   special needs housing and mental health practitioners, housing counselors, and affordable housing stakeholders.

The Affordable Housing Summit will bring together professionals from around   the state to bolster advocacy for affordable housing in the San Joaquin Valley, educate and empower each other on challenges and opportunities we face as a region, and build up traction for the San Joaquin Valley Housing Collaborative.


David Erickson, Center for Community Development Investments, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Barry Zigas, Director of Housing Policy, Consumer Federation of America


Affordable Homes for Valley Residents are Key to a Sustainable Future – Tools for Advocacy and Development: Hear about SB 375 implementation and emerging emissions-reducing policies for development near jobs and opportunities.

Affordable Housing and the Community Reinvestment Act: Discuss equitable rural development, capitalization challenges, financing, and non-profit   homeownership promotion.

Uniquely Rural –  Challenges and Opportunities for Non-Urban Housing Development:  Discuss rural development opportunities and non-urban strategies for affordable housing.

Defining and Financing Special Needs Housing: Examine funding sources’ definitions of special needs housing for elderly, formerly homeless, foster youth, and formerly incarcerated.

Housing Challenges and Opportunities for Local Government, Public Agencies and Non-Profits:  Identify solutions with Valley advocates who’ve taken on affordable housing challenges.

Foreclosure Assistance   and Recovery: Have we turned the corner? Look at what’s available, what’s working, and other solutions for homeowners who can’t stay in their home.

Registration Fee:   $35.00

For more information, please contact Timothy Ng at (559)294-6023 or timocedvista@gmail.com or Darryl Rutherford at 415-974-2056 or darryl.rutherford@sf.frb.org.

Brought to you by the San Joaquin Valley Housing Collaborative in partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley, the California Coalition for Rural Housing, and Housing California.

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