Workshop in San Francisco – Understanding the Life Cycle of Debt

Understanding the Life Cycle of Debt

The SF Smart Money Network (SF-SMN) will be hosting a professional development workshop on Debt Management and Understanding the Life Cycle of Debt.  Many consumers find themselves trapped in a cycle of debt and don’t know what options exist or what resources they can trust to get back on track.  We invite practitioners and case managers working with clients struggling with debt to come and learn from an expert panel.  We will be covering options for individuals with high debt, rights of individuals who find themselves in collections, and how individuals can begin to re-establish their credit after financial setbacks.  

SF Office of Financial Empowerment

Presenters and Topics
Debt Consolidation, Bankruptcy, Charge-offs & Debt Settlements  

Rick Harper, Vice President of Program Services
Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco  

Fair Debt Collection Practices                                     
Dean Graybill, Assistant Regional Director Federal Trade Commission

Re- Establishing Credit                                                                        
Rick Harper, Vice President of Program Services

May 31st (Thursday) 9:30am-12:30am
United Way of the Bay Area, 221 Main Street, Suite 300, SF, CA.

The event is free but REGISTRATION is REQUIRED.  Register here:

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