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CFPB logoThe Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) launched its website today at Or Follow them on Twitter, Like them on Facebook, Watch them on YouTube, read the CFPB Blog, or sign up for their RSS or email alerts!

The following is a note from CFPB’s Elizabeth Warren:

Dear Colleague,

In July 2010, Congress created a new federal agency to protect American consumers. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will be a cop on the beat, working to make consumer financial markets work better for American families. As the first new consumer agency of the 21st century, we can communicate directly with the people we serve. Today, that work is just beginning. We’re moving quickly—building a terrific team, finding office space, and unpacking a lot of boxes.

Things aren’t all in place yet, but we don’t want to delay reaching out to the people who care about this agency. We’re excited to announce the launch of our website,, for one very important reason — to start a conversation with you. With the launch of our site, we will be Open for Suggestions.

We hope you are eager to learn what this new agency will do and how it might affect you. In turn, we are definitely eager to hear what you have to say. Starting today, you can use the Internet to send us your best suggestions and questions for the bureau:

*         If you have a video camera, record a YouTube video and upload it as a response to our welcome video at

*         If you like Twitter, tweet your suggestion using the hashtag #CFPB. You can also follow us at

*         If you are on Facebook, you can “Like” us at, and post your suggestion on our wall.

*         If you want to use our website, you can post suggestions at

In the coming days and weeks, staff who are building this new agency will record direct video responses to some of the most frequent questions and most interesting suggestions. You’ll see the faces and meet the people who come to work every day to make a difference for the American people.  We look forward to getting to know a little more about you, too.  More is coming, so be sure to check back at throughout the coming weeks.

Open for Suggestions is just one way that we plan to keep our conversation going with you. Be funny! Be creative! Most of all, be real about what matters to you. This is a great chance to go into your community with a camera, laptop, or mobile phone, or just a pen and paper, and help others participate. Involve your friends, your family, your colleagues and classmates, your faith community, and anyone you know who might be counting on this agency for information and help.  If you aren’t ready with a specific comment, that’s OK.  Just let us know you are there—and stay in touch.

We can’t do it without you.

Elizabeth Warren

2 comments to Announcing – CFPB Web site, Twitter, Facebook, Blog…

  • John Avery

    Its funny to me to see how all forms of government are starting to get involved in the social networking revoloution. Im in the Marine Corps and recently we were just allowed to start accessing Facebook from government computers.

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  • Consumer protections agencies have always played a pivotal role in protecting the consumer.

    However the creation of the CFPB agency to protect the consumer in regard to financial services is no surprise, in view of how so many consumers were miss-sold credit and financial services that they didn’t really need (i.e. loan protection schemes which were totally unnecessary).

    I have no doubt that the CFPB will have a big job on it’s hands in view of how many financial services out there are still trying to squeeze every last drop from their customers.

    Jose Amadeus
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